Program Structure

1-week in-person retreat in Oxford, UK followed by a 2-month remote mentorship by established researchers in the field, with networking and weekly research talks.

Athena aims to equip women with the knowledge, skills, and network they need to thrive in AI alignment research. We believe that diversity is a strength, and hope to see this program as a stepping stone towards a more diverse and inclusive AI safety research field.

This program is designed to offer mentorship opportunities to technically qualified women who are early in their AI alignment research careers or looking to transition into the field by connecting them with experienced mentors, resources to upskill, networking, and a supportive community.

The remote mentorship program begins on Feb 1 and ends April 3. The in-person retreat will occur Feb 26 - March 1. We ask that you devote at least 20 hours per week to the program, but working schedules can be discussed with your mentor.

Scholar Applications have closed for the 2024 cohort.

Mentor and speaker application


  • Increase representation of women in a male dominated field and promote a diversity of ideas in the AI safety research community
  • Offer a supportive and collaborative space that will enable mentees to learn from experienced professionals in the field of AI safety research
  • Provide an inclusive environment that encourages and motivates women to pursue their interests and rapidly grow their knowledge in AI safety research in a nonjudgmental atmosphere
  • To foster networking and working relationships within the field, leading to potential opportunities for internships, research collaborations, and future employment/grant opportunities